Railway - ALSTOM

Alstom, formerly Bombardier Transportation, needed a specific sensor that could be used outdoors.

After refining the customer’s need, we were able to work on an adaptation of our product according to its real use: waterproof product, mounted on the roof of the trains and exposed to rain and UV.

We studied the feasibility of the project and performed the following tests in our laboratories:

  • UV test
  • Aging of plastic materials
  • Waterproofing test

After all these project phases, we proposed and developed a suitable and reliable product for the specific need and market of our customer.

The modifications we made to the product are the following:

  • Addition of a bolted cover
  • Sealing with a silicone gasket
  • Addition of a waterproof connector

The product now meets the IP65 standard, which is essential for the customer’s application. This product is now installed on the NAT trains of the SCNF. In February 2022, we will deliver our last parts.

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